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During an individual hypnosis session, the hypnosis therapist will discuss with you the reasons or triggers for your unhealthy lifestyle. Those triggers or negative feelings are also treated during the group session and transformed into positive feelings, but the approach during a group session is different from that of an individual hypnosis session.

During such a group session, hypnosis is combined with AVE therapy (some in Aarschot). AVE stands for audiovisual entertainment. This stimulates the brain to absorb hypnotic suggestions even faster and better. During the group session, the therapy room turns into a gigantic “mind machine,” and thanks to light and sound impulses, you experience a pleasant feeling. Both AVE and hypnosis therapy help treat psychological and physiological problems, and a combination of the two gives a powerful effect. This is further reinforced by the fact that you are put on headphones so that you can completely crawl into your own cocoon. This way you can fully enjoy the session.

  • You pay considerably less for a group session than for an individual session: € 75 instead of € 125.
  • The group session lasts 2 hours, first you will receive an explanation about hypnosis and we prepare everyone to experience a wonderful session.
  • There is a pause before we bring the whole group into a wonderful state of hypnosis.
  • Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and water are provided.
  • Are you ready to experience fast and effective change work? Then sign up for our group session.

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